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Criterion I - Governance and Management

Criterion II : Teaching and Learning

Criterion III : Human Resources

Criterion IV : Research and Development

Criterion V : Image and Sustainability

Criterion VI : Resources

Criterion VII : Support to Students


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ͧ : VI. Indicator C - Library Management System
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Indicator C - Library Management System
1.   How effective is the library management system in providing services to the students, faculty, staff and other clientele?

Parameter POINTS Please tick (ü) Total
(1 point)
Library Orientation
(Book exhibits, Book fairs, Information Dissemination Drive, Promoting Reading Habits, etc.) (1 point)
Computerization of Library Services
(1 point)
Use of Emerging Trends and Techniques (e.g. Digitization of Books)
(1 point)
Library Management System
Total (4 points)

 Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three years, where applicable) 
•         Schedule of Classes
•         Library Standards
•         Library Schedule
•         Classification and Cataloguing
•         Charging and Discharging (circulation)
•         Inter-library loans and exchange
•         Book bank facility
•         Computerization of library services
•         Feedback from clients
•         Inventory of Facilities
•         Inventory of Subscription from Newspaper and Magazines
•         Inventory of IT Related Facilities
•         Discussion of the overall plan of upgrading the library

Not Rated stars : Not Rated ҡ 0 .

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