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ͧ : Criterion V Indicator A-Consultancy Program
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Consultancy and Income Generation
Indicator A-Consultancy Program
-  Provision of professional or expert advice on a particular area or special field which would not be feasible in-house. Service is provided usually for a fee. Service rendered by the consultant is not part of his/her work and is outside of his/her official time.
1.    Are you maintaining a list of experts for immediate hiring for consultancy projects? Are they categorized into expertise? How frequent is the record of experts and services rendered by them maintained and updated?
Frequency Please tick
Twice a year  
Once in two years 2
Once in 3 years 1
Never 0

Data Required:
Annex 31. Record of Faculty Consultants Providing Consultancy Services to Local, National and International Bodies
Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three years, where applicable) 
•         Program on consultancy services
•         List of Pool of Experts
•         Curriculum Vitae
•         Terms of Reference
•         Minutes of Meetings
 2.     How many consultancy services have the institution provided in the last three years?
Number of Consultancy Services Please tick
10 and above  
7 – 9  
4 – 6 2
1 – 3 1
0 0
Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three years, where applicable) 
•         Consultancy Report Including Income Derived
•         Program on Consultancy Services
•         Memoranda of Agreement
•         Policy on revenues derived from consultancy projects
•         Financial Statements for the last three years

Not Rated stars : Not Rated ҡ 0 .

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