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Criterion I - Governance and Management

Criterion II : Teaching and Learning

Criterion III : Human Resources

Criterion IV : Research and Development

Criterion V : Image and Sustainability

Criterion VI : Resources

Criterion VII : Support to Students


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ͧ : Criterion VII. Indicator A - Guidance and Counselling System
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VII. Support to Students
Students are the main customers of educational institutions.  It is the responsibility of the institution to develop not only the intellectual ability of the student but his total personality as well. Towards this end, a robust program of student personnel services is designed to help the student, throughout his academic life, attain his maximum potential and become a worthy member of the society.  Student support services complement the academic program.
Indicator A - Guidance and Counselling System
1.    How compliant is the guidance counseling system like, counselor-student ratio with government requirements?

Parameter National Standards Institution’s Status Percent Compliance Please tick
Guidance Counseling System 81 and above 4  

61 – 80 3
41 - 60 2
21 – 40 1
20 or less 0

Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three years, where applicable)
•          Reference–National Standard (e.g. Philippines–1 licensed GC : 500 students)
•          Student Population
•          Guidance and Counseling Program
•          List of Guidance Counselors
•          List of Programs and Activities Provided by the Counselors
•          Student’s feedback

Not Rated stars : Not Rated ҡ 0 .

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