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Criterion I - Governance and Management

Criterion II : Teaching and Learning

Criterion III : Human Resources

Criterion IV : Research and Development

Criterion V : Image and Sustainability

Criterion VI : Resources

Criterion VII : Support to Students


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ͧ : VI. Indicator C-Labs, Workshops, and other facilities including maintenance management
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Indicator C-Labs, Workshops, and other facilities including maintenance management
1.    How compliant are the buildings, offices, food services, guidance and counseling units, hostels, dormitories and healthcare centers in terms of design, strength to withstand earthquakes, typhoons, fire hazards and other natural and man-made calamities, or other operational requirements such as sanitary permits, building certificates, environmental compliance certificates, etc.?
Parameters POINTS Please tick (ü) Total
Safety and Security
(1 point)
Operational Requirements
(1 point)
Structural and Safety
(1 point)
Environmental Compliance
(1 point)
Buildings/Hostels/ Dormitories
Centers/ Offices
Student Services
Total (12 points)

 Data Required:
Annex 34. Buildings
Annex 35. Other Offices
Annex 36. List of Hostels/Dormitories
Annex 37. Service Facilities
Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three years, where applicable)
•         The Institution Campus
•         Institution Buildings
•         Classrooms and Facilities
•         Medical and Dental Clinic
•         Student Center
•         Guidance and Counseling Center
•         Hostels or Dormitories
•         Inventory of equipment for repair
•         Inventory of equipment for replacement
•         Inventory of building for repair
•         Policy for maintenance of buildings, furniture and equipment
•         Environmental management policy
•        Food Services
•        Sanitary Permit
•        List of Food Service Personnel
•        Customer Survey
•        Copy of contract between institution and external provider

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