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Criterion I - Governance and Management

Criterion II : Teaching and Learning

Criterion III : Human Resources

Criterion IV : Research and Development

Criterion V : Image and Sustainability

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ͧ : Criterion IV Indicator A-Program of Research and Development (R&D)
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Criterion IV-Research and Development
Research and Development (R&D) is an avenue through which new knowledge is discovered, applied or verified and through which appropriate technologies are generated.  The institution maintains an environment that firmly supports R&D.
§  An output of a rational and nagging desire to improve the way we work and do our work. Research means searching for a clarifying explanation of an observed phenomenon or finding a solution to an existing problem in the workplace or environment.
Development Activity
§  Refers to the systematic knowledge gained from research and/or practical experience that is directed to producing new materials, products and devices; to installing new processes, systems, and services; and to improving substantially those already produced or installed (Catane, 2000). In other words, this is applied in prototyping, inventing, innovating, in improvising and fabricating. It can also refer to instructional materials development like in the production of modules, workbooks and manuals, etc.
Indicator A-Program of Research and Development (R&D)
1.   Which of the following industry R&D activities is the institution engaged in? Please check all appropriate activities.
Institution’s Evaluation
Technology modules in consultation with the industry/ Research undertaken with industry/
Identification of Projects in Industry

Joint Research with other agencies/ research institutions 4
Commissioned research (Research conducted on the strength of a MOA w/ another agency or simply assigned by authorities) 4

Data Sources: (Please provide data for the past three  years, where applicable)
•         R&D Project Proposals
•         R&D Reports
•         R&D Plans and Programs
•         Technology Packages done
•         Formal agreements with institution on R&D

Not Rated stars : Not Rated ҡ 0 .

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