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Criterion I - Governance and Management

Criterion II : Teaching and Learning

Criterion III : Human Resources

Criterion IV : Research and Development

Criterion V : Image and Sustainability

Criterion VI : Resources

Criterion VII : Support to Students


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ͧ : Criterion II. Indicator F - Other Related Teaching-Learning Indicators
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Indicator F - Other Related Teaching-Learning Indicators
1.    What is the frequency of monitoring and evaluating (e.g. supervision of classes; teacher-supervisor of conferences; performance assessment of teachers, percentage of completed courses in due time); different teaching and learning processes to assess the effectiveness and relevance?
Teaching Method/ Technique Extent of use
(Pls. tick (ü))
Twice a year
Once a year
Delivery of instruction




Utilization of laboratories/ workshops/ industrial training/ OJT
Student’s Assessment/ Examination
Faculty Performance Evaluation
Lifelong Learning programs

Data Sources:
•         Copies of teaching and learning processes used by the institution
•         Student assessment
•         Faculty performance evaluation
•         System of monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning processes
•         Percentage of implementation of lesson plan

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